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Go With Your Gut, Check In

In each and every SAFE Bar Training we hear stories of bar staff, noticing concerning behavior, interrupting effectively and offering support. SAFE Bars are committed to a safe night out and their commitment shines through the active bystander stories they tell.

Brandy’s story…

Brandy is a manager at Barry’s Bar and Grill. On a busy Saturday night, she is headed from the rooftop bar downstairs to get ice for the bartenders. As she is walking down the stairs, she sees a couple arguing and her gut tells her that something isn’t right. She stops and says, “Hey, how’s everything going?” The woman smiles at Brandy like they are long-time friends and says, “I’m so glad to see you. Will you show me where the bathroom is?” Brandy says, “sure, follow me.” Brandy and the woman walk down the stairs together. When they are away from the man she was arguing with, the woman thanks Brandy and tells her that the man had been following her all night and wouldn’t leave her alone. Brandy checks in with the security staff and asks them to keep an eye on the man and make sure he leaves the woman alone.

Brandy could have easily walked right by the couple arguing. It was a busy night and the easier thing to do would have been to focus on getting ice to the bartenders. When Brandy tells this story it is clear that she feels the weight of what she did. She knows that she made sure the woman had a safe night out.

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If you or someone you know has experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault our partners can help. Visit MOCSA and RAINN

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