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Join the SAFE Bar Network

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Your business is built on creating a fun, comfortable atmosphere where people come to connect, relax, and celebrate. The reality is that on any given night your team sees customers who are uncomfortable or unsafe and they don’t know how to help. We give your team the skills to create the comfortable, safe, and fun atmosphere that attracts loyal customers.

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Benefits of joining the SAFE Bar Network:

  • Stronger connection and improved relationship with your community.

  • Increased employee and customer retention.

  • Training gives your employees an increased skill set and equips them with active bystander skills to prevent overserving, harassment, and assault.

  • Posters and other signage show your customers and employees that you care about their safety.

  • 100% of customers who feel safe purchase more and stay longer, increasing your bottom line.

  • Meets the state-required sexual harassment training*

  • Provides possible defense against potential sexual harassment lawsuits.

  • Our services are an expense that you can deduct from your taxable income.

  • Even after training, we’re available and ready to help you if you have questions on how to handle concerning behaviors or particular events


*Only valid in states that require a one-hour sexual harassment training

Our straight-forward, engaging, and effective training is tailored to cover the tools you really need; don’t waste your money on services that are generic and don’t pinpoint real problems your customers and employees are facing.
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