The SAFE Bar Network’s goal is to help bars, restaurants, and nightclubs create a workplace culture where employees notice concerning behavior, interrupt effectively and offer support to victims of sexual harassment and assault. 

We know that nearly 1 in 6 women and 1 in 33 men are the victim of attempted or completed rape in their lifetimes. It is no secret that alcohol and drugs are often involved in sexual assault. In fact, we live in a culture where many consider it acceptable to use alcohol and drugs to guarantee access to sex. Sexual aggressors use bars, restaurants, and nightclubs to select, isolate, and incapacitate their targets. But things can be different at trained establishments in the SAFE Bar Network.

The SAFE Bar Network programming is centered around and driven by the idea of “meeting people where they are at" and helping them build the skills to be active bystanders. In each training, participants will feel that they are a welcomed part of the team and have a role in creating a culture where employees notice concerning behavior, intervene effectively, and offer support.

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault our partners can help. Visit www.mocsa.org and www.rainn.org

To learn more about the field of sexual violence response and prevention visit www.preventconnect.org and www.nsvrc.org


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