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Mission: Our mission at SAFE Bar Network is simple; to prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Vision: We envision a “safe night out” for everyone. The SAFE Bar Network works to establish a community of bars, restaurants and nightclubs across the country dedicated to preventing sexual harassment and sexual assault. The SAFE Bar network trains bar, restaurant, and nightclub staff to be active bystanders by

  • noticing concerning behavior

  • intervening effectively

  • offering support

Together we make prevention of sexual harassment and assault a priority of individual bars, restaurants and nightclubs and a value of entire communities. 



To date, the SAFE Bar Network has trained nearly 1,300 people working in the bar, restaurant and nightclub industry. We have conducted over 30 hours of training in four cities across the Midwest and the network and its impact continues to grow.

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Become a certified SAFE Bar Training facilitator.


Bystander intervention training for all staff.


Podcasts, webinars, and more.


SAFE Bar Network Impact

Josh has been on the security team at a college bar for a couple of years. It’s a typical, busy Saturday night and the bar has just closed. He is standing outside watching people leave and is keeping an eye out for trouble. He notices a man helping a woman into a car. She looks like she's had too much to drink and Josh’s gut tells him that something is off about what he is seeing. Josh asks Allen, another security guy, if things look off. Allen agrees they should do something. Josh walks over to the Uber, leans in, and says, “Hey, are you okay?” The woman mumbles something that Josh can’t make out and it seems like she doesn’t know where she is or what is happening. Josh and Allen help the woman out of the car and back inside. They work together to get her water, find her friends and a safe ride home.



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