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What's Possible in 2022? Three Things We're Focused On

The SAFE Bar Network is built on the idea that culture change is possible. We know that when we engage bar and restaurant staff in conversations about unsafe situations, active bystander skills, and supporting each other, we create more enjoyable experiences and safe workplaces.

Last year was a tough year for people on so many levels, the SAFE Bar Network included, but there were so many bright spots. Because of incredible support from member venues, community partners, volunteers, and donors we facilitated the SAFE Bar Training conversation with nearly 1,000 people in the food & beverage industry trained 60 people nationwide to launch safe nightlife programs in their communities, and provided over 1,500 hours of support to increase safety. With a successful 2021 behind us, we’re looking forward to all that is possible in 2022.

In 2022 we are….

1. Leading SAFE Bar Training conversations focused on building the skills to give everyone a safe night out with over 2,000 people working in alcohol-serving venues from coast-to-coast.

2. Partnering with local organizations in 30 regions nationwide to launch the SAFE Bar Network in their communities, and engage bars and other alcohol-serving venues to increase safety.

3. Expanding the SAFE Bar Network to cities across the country through our partnerships with the College Bar Alliance, LineLeap, WCASA, Brave Noise, and individuals from San Diego, CA to State College, PA.

Through our programming with bars and other alcohol-serving venues, the SAFE Bar Network is making a positive impact every day. You'd be scrolling for days if we shared every story of someone taking the skills they learned during the training conversation and using them to increase safety and prevent harm. So, we'll just share one.

“We think that we do a great job of training our staff to spot fake IDs and notice when

someone has had too much to drink but we saw a gap in our training and wanted to provide our employees opportunities to learn bystander intervention skills to increase safety and enhance the positive atmosphere of our bars. The improvements in intervention skills, safety, and overall atmosphere were incredible. - Kevin Duffy, Bar Owner.

SAFE Bar Training conversations are simple, manageable, and they work – but you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out these real-life, Everyday Active Bystanders.

Interested in learning more about the SAFE Bar Network and our work to give everyone a safe night out, sign up for our monthly newsletter here. Or contact us at

The SAFE Bar Network is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) you can join the team by donating your time, talent, and money to the mission of giving everyone a SAFE Night Out, just click here.

To learn more about active bystander skills check out our blog post, Obstacles. What obstacles? 3 Full Proof Everyday Active Bystander Skills.

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual harassment our partners can help. Visit and

To learn more about the field of violence response and prevention visit and

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