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Survivor-Centered? Tell me more.

The SAFE Bar Network is creating a community of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs across the country focused on building active bystander skills to prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault. We facilitate conversations that create a culture where people notice concerning behavior, interrupt effectively, and offer support. In everything that we do, we remain survivor-centered.

“A survivors-centered approach means you look at your work through the hearts and minds of survivors of sexual harassment, assault, and abuse. You look at your messaging from every side and you think about the impact that it will have on survivors. Above all, you work to ease pain and not cause harm. At the SAFE Bar Network, we are focused on a survivor-centered approach.”

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To learn more about joining the SAFE Bar Network check out our blog post, 4 Ways to Join the SAFE Bar Network or contact us at

If you have a favorite bar, restaurant, or night club encourage them to join the SAFE Bar Network. They can learn more at

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault our partners can help. Visit and

To learn more about the field of sexual violence response and prevention visit and

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