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2 Culture Changing Conversations You Can Start Today

The goal of SAFE Bar Training is to build active bystander skills and have continuous conversations about preventing sexual harassment and assault.

This is the third video in our SAFE Bar mini-training series. If you missed the first two videos, Things to Notice and Active Bystander Skills, watch them here.

Things to Notice – SAFE Bar Mini Training Series

Active Bystander Skills – SAFE Bar Mini Training Series

This video is about creating a workplace culture focused on preventing sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Let’s start with the facts.

- Sexual assault is any sexual activity without consent.

- Consent is a free, enthusiastic “yes.”

- We know that sexual assault is about power and control.

The SAFE Bar Network envisions a “safe night out” for everyone. When people go out we want them to have a great time and feel safe and comfortable. If we are going to achieve this goal everyone must do their part.

Active bystander skills are habits and just like any habit we must use active bystander skills consistently for them to stick. Culture change isn’t just about knowing and using active bystander skills, it’s also about the conversations we are having about responding to and preventing sexual harassment and assault.

We know that we are not going to get to the culture change we are aiming for through a one-hour SAFE Bar Training or short mini-training videos. These conversations must be happening in every bar, every day.

We have to be talking about two key, culture changing, questions.

1. How do we let coworkers know that a safe night out for everyone is important? Do we lead by example and show them, talk about how to respond, let them know that the managers have their back.

2. How do we let customers know that a safe night out for everyone is important? Do we greet them when they walk in the door, check on them throughout the night, post signs letting them know that the staff is there friend.

Finally, we must talk about the times we use our active bystander skills and things go right. We must also talk about the times we use our active bystander skills and things get messy. Often times we are interacting with people who have been drinking, and the reality is that things will get messy, but we can’t let that stop us from helping.

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