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Sponsorhip & Membership

7 Things to Know About the SAFE Bar Network

1. Since our formation in January 2020, the SAFE Bar Network has received over $427,200 in donations from 30 organizations and individuals. 

THANK YOU Brown-Forman, Anheuser Busch Brewers Collective, Stone Brewing, Boston Beer Company, Kilroy’s on Kirkwood, Fieldhouse | Willies, 101 Cider House, Kilroy’s Sports Bar, LineLeap, and all of our member venues.

2. The SAFE Bar Network has 86 members in 21 states. 

In the first 9 months of 2022, we trained over 1,500 bartenders, servers, and managers to notice uncomfortable and unsafe situations, interrupt to help, and create a workplace culture focused on giving a fun, safe night out.

3. Brian Miller, General Manager at SAFE Bar Network founding member Fieldhouse | Willie’s said, "By having the conversations with the Safe Bar Network and being a part of their vision we have seen such a positive impact on our culture with staff and customers. We’ve had a major increase in business because of the positive feedback from our community in getting the SAFE Bar Network’s word out." 

4. The SAFE Bar Network works with venue owners and managers to tailor each SAFE Bar Training conversation to meet their unique needs.

5. The SAFE Bar Network isn’t about one-time training. We work with our member venues year-round and continuously help them solve issues related to safety.

6. The SAFE Bar Network works alongside local leaders in the hospitality industry and community organizations. Together we build and maintain the SAFE Bar Network to reflect the strengths and address the challenges at a local level.

7. The SAFE Bar Network is a nonprofit 501(c)(3). Donations are 100% tax-deductible and each dollar goes directly to partnering with bars and other alcohol-serving venues to increase safety. 

Sponsorship Tiers & Options
The SAFE Bar Network is a nonprofit focused on safe nightlife - partnering with alcohol-serving venues to help them increase profit, increase repeat customers, and decrease employee turnover. We are a safe bar program, welcoming new safe bars.


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