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"Value, how you make people feel, is more important than ever."

I spent some time this week with the Nightclub and Bar industry learning about the state

of the industry, innovations, and recovering from the economic downturn that has resulted from COVID-19. So many of the conversations touched on or centered around creating positive experiences for employees and customers alike. Everything from recruiting and retaining staff to building relationships with loyal customers.

Bar and Restaurant shared that the industries NPS (gauges the loyalty and customer relationship) is -42. Yes, negative 42. This is shocking for an industry that usually has an NPS between 20 and 50 points depending on the segment.

Candace MacDonald of Carbonate highlighted how important safety and communication are for the industry in this moment saying, “Your guests have to trust you. Safety will mean different things to different guests…Value, how you make people feel, is more important than ever.” I would argue that this idea expands beyond guests to employees and beyond hygiene to safety in a broader context.

More than ever employees and customers are looking for a positive experience and a level of comfort in bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. The SAFE Bar Network is working with alcohol-serving venues to create safety and comfort through conversations about sexual violence, active bystander skills, and taking action to create comfort and safety every day.

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault our partners can help. Visit MOCSA and RAINN

Interested in learning more about bystander intervention? Visit our friends at With Us Center for Bystander Intervention.

To learn more about the field of sexual violence response and prevention visit PreventConnect and NSVRC.

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