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Partner Spotlight: Lauren and Loni

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

We're grateful for our partners across the country working to expand safe nightlife programming.

Meet our partners Lauren and Loni in Bowling Green, OH

Success: We have trained four bars already and we think that is amazing progress! Quarters the first bar we trained was so welcoming and engaged in our discussion. We are thrilled that these topics are important to our community! We are able to use the fact that we have done these trainings in other presentations across campus, which proves how much of a community effort it truly is. 

Challenge: Coordinating with all of the bars that originally agreed to be a part of our grant has not been the easiest venture. We are still awaiting communication from one and trying to keep up with that because it is important for us to get the education to them as well! Continuing to find funding for the future years is something that we are trying to explore as well. 

Fills My Cup: Both Loni and I get to work with students in the community and on campus every day, which is such a blessing! We are feeling hopeful for the future because of their enthusiasm for life and the things they are passionate about! 

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