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One Weekend, Three New SAFE Bars, and Dozens of Partners

The SAFE Bar Network is guided by a very specific mission, to partner with bars and other alcohol-serving venues to increase. We truly believe in the power of these partnerships and have seen the impact – a decrease in uncomfortable and unsafe situations and an increase in employee engagement, morale, and teamwork.

We spent the past week launching the SAFE Bar Network in Jefferson City, and St. Louis Missouri with the help of local nonprofits and folks in the food and beverage industry.

We’re proud to welcome Paddy Malone’s, HandleBar, and The Royale to the SAFE Bar Network.

Our very own Haleigh Harrold sat down with the Jefferson City News Tribune to share about our work.

Being part of the Safe Bar Network is a lot more than just training, Harrold said.

"It is a commitment to increasing safety. One of the ways we get there is by facilitating a conversation with bar teams about noticing uncomfortable and unsafe behavior," she said. "Exploring all of the varied ways to interrupt and help in that situation. We really create a workplace culture where part of working hard is just looking out for people -- whether they are your co-workers or your customers."

The training starts with staff talking about the times they've noticed people uncomfortable and the things they've done in the past to help in those situations -- and ideas they have for the future, Harrold said.

All the staff members had stories to tell.

They discuss and think about -- as time goes on and new people start, or new customers come in -- how they can keep that focus on safety, Harrold continued.

Read more about the SAFE Bar Network’s partnership with RACS to increase safety in Jefferson City, Missouri, here.

SAFE Bar Training conversations are simple, manageable, and they work – but you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out these real-life, Everyday Active Bystanders.

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The SAFE Bar Network is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) you can join the team by donating your time, talent, and money to the mission of giving everyone a SAFE Night Out, just click here.

To learn more about active bystander skills check out our blog post, Obstacles. What obstacles? 3 Full Proof Everyday Active Bystander Skills.

Interested in learning more about bystander intervention? Visit our friends at With Us Center for Bystander Intervention.

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual harassment our partners can help. Visit and

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