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Local Partners Drive Change - Meet Chiko

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

At the SAFE Bar Network, we believe that people learn when they are actively engaged in a real-life struggle with new information. In the SAFE Bar Training conversation, we work to connect people with what they already know about safety and harm, share new information, and help them integrate the new learning into their everyday lives.

We partner with people across the county to facilitate training with bars and other alcohol-serving venues in their neighborhoods, communities, and regions. Take a few minutes to get to know one of our partners, Chikara Hibino in Missouri.

Chikara Hibino

Our Executive Director, Haleigh Harrold brings you Chiko's thoughts on successes, challenges, and what keeps him going.

Haleigh: Chiko, with your safe nightlife work in mind, tell us about success.

Chiko: One of my favorite experiences so far was at Imminent Brewing in Northfield, MN. Not only was the owner dedicated to a safe night out, but they were actively advocating for us in their community. They ensured that other bar owners were present during their own training so that they could see the value we bring to their establishments. Additionally, their team was made of amazing individuals who truly cared about their patrons well being as well as each other. It was an absolute delight and an amazing outing to share their space and be present with them.

Haleigh: Again with your safe nightlife work in mind, tell us about a challenge you've had.

Chiko: One of the biggest challenges I've faced so far was condensing 10 SAFE Bar Trainings into 6 sessions while maintaining the same amount of staff in attendance. While having fewer sessions might be beneficial for time/pay purposes, I truly believe that smaller groups taking part in the SafeBar training are important to facilitate a safe night out. Having smaller groups allows us to better gauge the staff's concerns and points of view and it gives us enough time to dive deep into different ways to practice being an active bystander.

Another challenge that I seem to face at times is hearing individuals diminish the experience of others while talking about personal experiences, whether it's about someone putting their hand on someone's back without consent when walking through the venues as an excuse to touch them, to patrons making unwanted sexual comments to the staff, regardless of gender. When people share moments where they felt hurt by someone else, it can be quite demoralizing to have to take a step back to address unnecessary and hurtful mindsets. Luckily, that is not something that happens too often, and when it does, the person diminishing others tends to shift their perspective as the training progresses.

Haleigh: Chiko, In your community, what fills your cup, brings you joy, gives you hope?

Chiko: Right now, in my community, I am seeing a lot of support for diversity and inclusive spaces. It truly feels like a safer place when minorities have unapologetic spaces where they can be and the support of the entire community, not just other minorities.

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