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Let’s Just Go Ahead and Cancel “Cancel Culture” – Here’s How!

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

In the world of sexual violence prevention, you’ll often hear, “there is always a survivor in the room.” It’s a reminder of the prevalence of sexual violence and a reminder of the importance of centering the experiences of survivors in the work that we do.

During SAFE Bar Training conversations when someone uses victim-blaming language or repeats a myth about sexual violence we see it as an opportunity to show support for survivors and encourage continued learning. By choosing what ideas we give time to and power to we send a strong message of support.

With the prevalence of “cancel culture” our response is an opportunity to model what support can look like in a workplace focused on changing the culture and taking action to keep people safe. It’s far more effective to say, “I hear what you are saying but it sounds like the group thinks we have a responsibility to help out in this situation” than to say “your wrong about that”.

When we head into a SAFE Bar Training focused on providing the staff support every exchange becomes an opportunity to model a culture that supports honesty, open dialogue, and accountability.

At the SAFE Bar Network we’re guided by our core values. We build trust, show respect, model accountability, facilitate connection, and give support because that is the foundation of culture change.

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