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Fill in the Gaps - A Black History Month Initiative

February is Black History Month, a time to honor activists, advocates, and change-makers of the past and celebrate the people who are making Black history every day.

In honor of Black History Month, we want to highlight a month-long learning opportunity from Lauren Paylor and the team at Focus on Health and The Blend by Beam Suntory.

Fill in the Gaps,” is an initiative spotlighting the history, hardships, and accomplishments of the African American community. This virtual programming is geared towards the bartending and hospitality communities with content spanning panel discussions, donation-based classes, a weekly book club, and a writing workshop and open forum session on body image.

Lauren shared thoughts on developing Fill in the Gaps with Bar Business Magazine, “There is a great opportunity to fill in the dots, connect the lines, and provide an accurate description of our history. There is little value in knowing our history if it is incomplete and narrated in an inauthentic way. Your voice has value, just like currency, and collectively telling our stories will play a vital role in changing the narrative.”

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There are everyday active bystanders practicing the skills to keep people safe every day. Watch their stories here, Everyday Active Bystanders.

To learn more about active bystander skills check out our blog post, Obstacles. What obstacles? 3 Full Proof Everyday Active Bystander Skills.

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