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Do You Know Darian? You'll Want To.

Updated: Jan 9

If you know the SAFE Bar Network, then you know we are excited about all of the amazing people we get to work with. Meet the newest member of the SAFE Bar Network team, Darian Everding, our Business Development Representative.

Darian Everding

I am so, so excited to join the SAFE Bar Network team. Having been in the industry for 7 years, I’ve seen my fair share of nights that I or others were cared for by our community in ways that kept us safe. I am also a huge advocate for more support for bar staff. The work we do behind the bar day after day is incredibly taxing and so many bartenders don’t have the support they need from their management/ownership team to have a work/life balance. I think that is a twofold issue: management doesn’t understand how to support their teams and the value it will add to the business itself and bartenders don’t know or don’t feel empowered to advocate for themselves. I really believe that SAFE Bar Network lays a foundation to bring management and staff together to build a culture of support, empowerment, and accountability to one another that I think could change the industry!

I am a huge spirits nerd! I’ve visited over 40 distilleries in 5 countries across 2 continents. I sometimes contribute to major publications with my beverage opinions which I think is super fun. I have a deep passion for whiskey and would like to make my own gin someday!

I have been a member of the United States Bartender’s Guild (USBG) since 2016 when I began bartending. I have served at a local and national level with this organization and love it when we have conferences so I can meet new people doing amazing things. In fact, attending the USBG 75th Anniversary Conference is how I learned about SAFE Bar Network in the first place!

I love being outdoors. In 2020, my COVID project was to visit all of Iowa’s State Parks. From June to September, I visited 66 State Parks and completed the 100-Year Anniversary Passport program. I highly recommend getting outside and getting to know your local area!

Thinking about your team and customers, share a success with us.

I think one of my favorite successes for my team is watching guests bring in new visitors and hearing them excitedly exclaim that our little pub is their favorite spot to hang out. We are a pub in a college town and have a wide variety of clientele from students, grad students, townies, professors, to everyone in between. We are often the choice by departments as a space to bring in new guests when they visit the community for the first time. The reason, they often explain, is that our staff is the most comfortable and respectful with guests from all over the world. They’re attentive and welcoming to all people and leave a lasting impression. We’re also a big bunch of nerds with giant hearts and a massive array of interests.

In addition to some excellent hiring successes, I really think this culture comes down to the way we do staff support and training. We routinely engage in bystander intervention and de-escalation training and we also make sure to schedule in fun and bonding time for staff. It’s really lovely seeing how taking care of our staff reverberates into taking care of the community as a whole. That’s a huge win!

Thinking about your venue and community, what fills your cup and brings you joy?

I really love when we see younger queer people come into the bar. I didn’t have a space when I was coming of age that felt like a queer-friendly space. It makes me so incredibly ecstatic to watch people find themselves, whether that’s in their gender expression, relationships with others, or life goals. I feel really fortunate to be a trusted face in the community for people trying to explore; they know that they have a safe friend in me!

Read more from Darian, at the Gerard Basset Foundation and Beer Menus.

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