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A Winning Team - By The Numbers

Curious how we have trained over 5,000 people working in 120 alcohol-serving venues, spanning 21 states?

It all started back in 2018, with two bar owners. Kevin Fitzpatrick and Kevin Duffy spent years building on the brand equity of their bars to improve them by modernizing the operations and improving management and training. Through this work, they found a gap in their training program and began the search for active bystander training to equip the mostly college-age staff with the skills to create a positive, safe environment for customers and employees. They felt that bystander intervention training was a natural extension of the security and responsible drinking trainings they were already doing. In 2018 they partnered with Haleigh Harrold to work with their managers and hundreds of employees to create a workplace culture focused on increasing safety and giving everyone a safe night out.

Over the next two years, Haleigh worked closely with their teams and provided training, and as a result, the atmosphere of their bars began to improve. At the time Kevin Duffy said the following. “We think that we do a great job of training our staff to spot fake IDs and notice when someone has had too much to drink but we saw a gap in our training and wanted to provide our employees opportunities to learn bystander intervention skills to increase safety and enhance the positive atmosphere of our bars. The improvements in intervention skills, safety, and overall atmosphere were incredible and we wanted to invest in making this training available to other bars.”


In January 2020 Kevin Duffy and Kevin Fitzpatrick launched the SAFE Bar Network as a nonprofit organization with the mission of increasing access to bystander intervention training for employees at bars and other alcohol-serving venues. They hired Haleigh to lead the organization and expand the Network nationwide.


In May 2020, Haleigh began to build out a network of community partners, alcohol-serving avenues, and beverage industry supporters to support the SAFE Bar Networks’ efforts to build meaningful partnerships with alcohol-serving venues. Through these partnerships, the SAFE Bar Network continued to improve their program and help alcohol-serving venues take their commitment to safety and make changes to ensure a safe night out for their customers and employees.

Because of the SAFE Bar Network’s engaging, practical, and manageable approach, the SAFE Bar Network is growing by leaps and bounds.

By the Numbers...

  • Over 5,000 people trained to use active bystander skills to increase safety

  • 120 SAFE Bar Network member venues in 21 states

  • 226 hours of training provided

  • 100% of venue leaders recommend the SAFE Bar Network to other alcohol-serving venues

Here are a few reasons venue leaders find the SAFE Bar Network valuable.

“Talking through specific scenarios and empowering us with tools to better facilitate those hard conversations in the future.”

“As a manager, I think learning how we could use this training going forward and how we can let future staff know how to handle the topics discussed is very valuable.”

You don't have to take our word for it. Venue leaders will tell you themselves.

"After our first SAFE Bar Training in 2021 we kept the conversation going. The training was a great starting point. From the skills our team learned, we were able to make changes to our policies and how we work to prioritize noticing when people are uncomfortable, interrupting to help, and giving everyone a safe time out."

Lauren Smith at Gentle Ben's Brewing in Tucson, AZ

"By having the conversations with the Safe Bar Network and being a part of their vision we have seen such a positive impact on our culture with staff and customers. We’ve had a major increase in business because of the positive feedback from our community in getting the SAFE Bar Network’s word out."

Brian Miller at Fieldhouse | Willie's in Columbia, Missouri

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For information, inspiration, and resources for a more vibrant nightlife, visit 24HourNation.

If you or someone you know has experienced harm there is help. Visit

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