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The SAFE Bar Network works in partnership with alcohol-serving venues to improve their atmosphere through conversations about, active bystander skills, sexual violence, and taking action to create a comfortable, safe, and fun experience for everyone.



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Young People - Meeting With Computers

SAFE Bar Network

Learn the skills to engage bar staff in conversations about sexual violence, active bystander skills, and their responsibility to take action to keep customers and co-workers safe.

SAFE Bar Training

The bar business is built on repeat customers coming to relax, let loose, and celebrate. SAFE Bar Training is a conversation that builds active bystander skills and creates the comfortable, safe, and fun atmosphere needed to attract loyal customers.

SAFE Bar Partner

The SAFE Bar Network is expanding across the country. Join our team, partner with us, and together we will give everyone a “safe night out.”



SAFE Bar Network

Phone: 816-237-8628

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