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Paid Marketing Internships

The SAFE Bar Network is a nonprofit focused on partnering with bars and other alcohol-serving venues to create a workplace culture focused on increasing safety and giving everyone a safe night out.

Internship Overview:
- Description: Learn and practice the skills to engage hospitality industry professionals, identify an alcohol-serving venue’s needs, and show the venue how the SAFE Bar Network can meet those needs.
- Goal: Share the benefits of joining the SAFE Bar Network with venue leaders in your community.
- Output: Contact information for 48 venue leaders in your community interested in joining the SAFE Bar Network.

Your Access: After being accepted to the internship program you will have access to participate in meetings, communications, and networking opportunities.


  1. You will have access to the Executive Director for questions, direction, and insight at all times.  

  2. You will have access to SAFE Bar Network Interns in other college communities across the country.

  3. You will have opportunities to build relationships and represent the SAFE Bar Network team with a) local business community b) local campus community c) local alcohol-serving venue professionals and managers d) local health and safety professionals

The Hours:
The SAFE Bar Network internship is a commitment of 3 hours per week for four weeks, with the option to extend the internship. Our internship positions allow for a flexible work schedule. The SAFE Bar Network is a national nonprofit, we do not have a physical location, our team works remotely and we connect via text, email, and video call. 

SAFE Bar Network offers a flexible and supportive work environment. Interns will be compensated with the following:
- $40/hour, plus an additional $100 for each alcohol-serving venue you refer that schedules a membership call with the SAFE Bar Network.
- Networking opportunities
- Letters of recommendation

- Professional development
- Hands-on experience
- Resume building

Questions? Contact us at info@safebarnetwork

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