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Our Growing Impact

The SAFE Bar Network works to establish a community of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs across the country dedicated to preventing sexual harassment and sexual assault.

We know that nearly 1 in 6 women and 1 in 33 men are the victims of attempted or completed rape in their lifetimes. It is no secret that alcohol is often involved in sexual assault. In fact, we live in a culture where many consider it acceptable to use alcohol to guarantee access to sex. Sexual aggressors use bars, restaurants, and nightclubs to select, isolate, and even incapacitate the person they are targeting. But things are different at trained establishments in the SAFE Bar Network.

The SAFE Bar Network trains bar, restaurant, and nightclub staff to be active bystanders by; noticing concerning behavior, interrupting effectively, and offering support. Through training and continuous conversations bars in the SAFE Bar Network are creating a culture in which staff take action to prevent sexual harassment and assault.

To date, the SAFE Bar Network has trained over 1,400 people working in the bar, restaurant, and nightclub industry. We have conducted nearly 50 hours of training in four cities across the Midwest - the network and its impact continue to grow.

85% of SAFE Bar Training participants can identify how perpetrators of sexual violence use alcohol as a tool to make someone vulnerable.

98% of SAFE Bar Training participants know at least one way that they will prevent sexual harassment and assault.

96% of SAFE Bar Training participants know at least one thing they will do to create a workplace culture where employees act to prevent sexual harassment and assault.

Bar, restaurant, and nightclub employees are committed to using the active bystander skills they have learned in SAFE Bar Training.

To learn more about joining the SAFE Bar Network contact us at

If you have a favorite bar, restaurant or night club encourage them to join the SAFE Bar Network. They can learn more at

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault our partners can help. Visit MOCSA and RAINN

To learn more about the field of sexual violence response and prevention visit Prevent Connect and NSVRC

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