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SAFE Bar Network in Türkiye

The SAFE Bar Network teamed up with Brown-Forman in Türkiye to launch the SAFE Bar Network Türkiye. The partnership kicked off with great success. 

In May 2023 in Cappadocia, Türkiye 40 of the country's top bartenders gathered to discuss, for the first time, their experiences recognizing uncomfortable and unsafe behavior and interrupting to help. Using active bystander skills to de-escalate situations and proactively ensure a safe night out was a new concept for the group and their response to the new skills was enthusiastic. Participating bartenders shared that the SAFE Bar Training was one of the best and most influential trainings they participated in. Although the session was scheduled for an hour the bartenders stuck around to continue the discussion for twice as long. 

In April 2023 in Antalya, Türkiye at the annual sales meeting 180 members of the sales team, representing Brown-Forman in the field, participated in the SAFE Bar Training. As the face of the company, and interacting with hundreds of people throughout Türkiye, they will not only use active bystander skills but share with venue owners, bartenders, and security how to notice uncomfortable behavior and interrupt effectively. By bringing these valuable skills to their trade partners they will strengthen relationships country wide. 

The SAFE Bar Network is grateful to have Brown-Forman as a partner both in Türkiye, and the United States. This crucial partnership has allowed us to fulfill our mission to give everyone a safe night out. 

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