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Things to Notice - Mini Training Series

The SAFE Bar Network is dedicated to a "safe night out" for everyone. The goal of our SAFE Bar training is to build active bystander skills and spark continuous conversations about preventing sexual harassment and sexual assault. This video is the first in the series and focuses on the "things to notice".


  • Sexual assault is any sexual activity without consent.

  • Consent is a free, enthusiastic “yes.”

  • Sexual assault is about power and control.


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Testing Boundaries

We know that perpetrators will test boundaries. They are testing to see how the person they are targeting will react and they are testing to see how everyone else around them will react. This could be sexual jokes, personal questions, and getting in someone’s space.

Alcohol as a Tool

We know that perpetrators use alcohol as a tool to make someone vulnerable and excuse their behavior. This could look like pressuring someone to drink, buying shots for someone who doesn’t want them, or targeting someone who is over-served.


We know that perpetrators will try to isolate a person from their friends or from the staff. They are doing this to test boundaries. If they can get the person to another bar or out to smoke, can they then get them home? This may look like blocking someone from their friends or asking them to leave their friends to go get a drink.

safe bar network, safe bar, bartender, bar training, active bystander, bystander intervention

We know from SAFE Bar Training that bar staff and managers are already noticing concerning behavior. In our next video we'll focus on how to take action by building active bystander skills.

To learn more about joining the SAFE Bar Network contact us at

If you have a favorite bar, restaurant or night club encourage them to join the SAFE Bar Network. They can learn more at

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault our partners can help. Visit and

To learn more about the field of sexual violence response and prevention visit and

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