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The Best in the Biz Share 5 Tips to Help Leaders Create a Positive, Fun, and Successful Workplace

What if the choice wasn’t between fear and love but respect?

At the SAFE Bar Network, we believe that leadership is not about the role you hold in an organization, it is about the action you take to build and show respect.

We have the absolute pleasure of working with some of the best people in the food and beverage industry. We’ve learned that creating a workplace culture where people thrive and customers keep coming back really hinges on the work of great leaders.

We have 5 tips, from our friends, to be the leader that creates a positive, fun, and successful workplace.

1. Trust and be someone people trust. In a fast-paced environment, you can build trust quickly by being willing to learn. You can maintain trust by being consistent.

“Hire the best, train thoroughly, and help them solve problems.” - Jayme

2. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. It can be as easy as listening to your team and helping to solve problems.

“A great manager is understanding of my life and responsibilities outside of work, they are able to joke with me but also realize that they are my manager at the end of the day” - Jose

3. Encourage accountability. You have to lead by example. Be proactive, when issues arise have a conversation focused on solving the problem before it becomes a bigger problem.

“As a manager, I try to work alongside my coworkers as a leader. I do my best to be proactive rather than reactive.” -Latoya

4. Connection. Show genuine concern for people and let them know when they are doing a good job.

“Take care of them and they’ll take care of you,” – Sam

5. Support. Let them know that you have their back if they go out on a limb and things don’t quite go as planned.

“Where I work part of working hard is checking on people and getting involved if I think something isn’t right. I’m able to do that because I know I have the full support of managers.” – Brandy

Whether you are active in it or not, culture is always being created so let’s be the kind of leaders who set a positive fund and safe workplace culture.

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