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Pledge to Give a SAFE NIGHT OUT

The SAFE Bar Network is guided by our core values: trust, respect, accountability, connection, and support.


Talk to anyone working in the hospitality industry and they will tell you that sexual harassment and other forms of uncomfortable or unsafe behavior not only exist but are prevalent. The SAFE Bar Network partners with bars and alcohol-serving venues to create a workplace culture focused on noticing concerning behavior, interrupting effectively, and offering support. We offer RESOURCES, facilitate training and provide assistance with the goal of giving everyone a safe night out.

By signing the Pledge to Give a SAFE Night Out we are demonstrating to our friends, colleagues, and communities our commitment to creating a fun, comfortable, and safe atmosphere at bars and other alcohol-serving venues.


Those listed below have offered to share their Pledge to Give a SAFE Night Out publically. This list is updated frequently.



Sign the SAFE Bar Network’s Pledge to Give a SAFE Night Out and make your voice heard.

Haleigh H.

Taso N.

Brad H.

Rodve L.

Susan M.

Leah K.

Kayla G.

Janiecia A.

Emily E.

Marc B.

Daniella S.

Amanda R.

Kevin. D

Char F.

Jayme H.

Karen B.

Kelly G.

Kelsey M.

Tammy S.

Sara C. L.

Kameiko V.

Brittany S.

Victoria M.

Kevin F.

Tom T.

Susan H.

Eileen C.

Amanda D.

Jordan Z.

Skylar N.

Rachel M.

Dillon C.

Cassie P.

Samantha C.

Lori E.

The SAFE Bar Network is a nonprofit focused on safe nightlife - partnering with alcohol-serving venues to help them increase profit, increase repeat customers, and decrease employee turnover. We are a safe bar program, welcoming new safe bars.


Learn about active bystander skills, how to have conversations about bystander intervention, and so much more.

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