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3 Tips for Helping Someone Today

In each and every SAFE Bar Training we hear stories of bar staff providing support to coworkers and customers. You don’t have to be on the clock or even work in a bar or restaurant to support the people around you. We have three everyday tips for offering your support.

1. Listen to understand. Lead with empathy, put judgment aside, and work to understand. Trust that people are the experts in their own lives and know what’s best and safest for their situation.

2. Connect. Offer local resources and help them think of people they can turn to for support – friends, family, hotlines, etc.

3. Don’t give up. The truth is, sometimes helping is hard. Taking the time to check-in, listen, and offer support lets people know that someone cares.

To learn more about being an ally, check out this video by Franchesca Ramsey, 5 Tips for Being an Ally.

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