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SAFE Bar Network Internships

The SAFE Bar Network works in partnership with alcohol-serving venues to improve their atmosphere through conversations about active bystander skills and taking action to create a comfortable, safe, and fun experience for everyone. 


The SAFE Bar Network is built on the idea that culture change is possible. We believe that when we engage bar and restaurant staff in conversations about using active bystander skills, and supporting each other, that we will shift workplace cultures and keep people safe.


Internship Positions

  • Digital Media Marketing

    • Social Media​

    • Blog​

    • SAFE Bar Network Newsletter​


  • Community Engagement & Events

    • SAFE Night Out Happy Hour​ 

    • SAFE Night Out Networking Events​

    • SAFE Bar Network Podcast​


  • Violence Prevention & Evaluation

    • SAFE Bar Network Training​

    • SAFE Bar Network Evaluation​


To learn more about internship opportunities at the SAFE Bar Network and apply email us at or click the contact button below. 

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